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The Relationship Between Hair and Character



Hair is called "Three Thousand Troubles", which also represents endless desire. Therefore, monks will shave their hair off, meaning to remove troubles and desires. The life condition of hair can reflect a person's character destiny. So what is the relationship between the two?




Face of thinning hair:




There are two reasons for thinning hair. One is excessive divergence of kidney qi, including excessive brain use and excessive indulgence; the other is caused by excessive liver qi. People with thinning hair and baldness are witty, and people with bald hair and full sky usually have a higher IQ, are good at using their brains, respond quickly, make decisions quickly, are more profitable, and usually have a certain social status. The bald masters have excellent intelligence and are good at calculations. Generally, they don't like manual labor and are lazy to do housework. Most of them work mentally.




Face of withered hair:




Withered and yellow hair without brilliance, this is a manifestation of congenital deficiency of kidney qi, representing impulsiveness and lack of consideration. People with withered hair have a beginning and no end in doing things. They can't stick to the end. They are easy to change their minds. They are also prone to encounter difficulties and obstacles. Moreover, the husband and wife are easily tortured, and there are many problems in the road of love.




Black hair and shiny face:




The hair is dark and shiny, and the kidney qi is sufficient, wisdom is high and longevity. People with black, thin and shiny hair are lively, elegant, energetic, full of energy and fighting spirit, and have superb communication skills. Lucky, easy to succeed, and strong vitality.




The face of rough hair:




People with rough hair are simple and rough, and have strong personalities. They would rather die than be soft. So people with hard hair work hard and have poor luck throughout their lives. People with stiff hair are usually physically strong, have a rough temper, a rough personality, impulsive, stubborn, active, active, strong endurance, hard to accept defeat, have a typical masculine temperament, and have livelihood skills. But his personality is withdrawn, and his destiny is harder.




The face of thick hair:




Too thick hair is a manifestation of excessive liver qi, lack of thinking in doing things, and simple life. People with thick and thick hair have a delayed, stubborn personality and a weak family relationship. They are easy to leave their hometowns. They have toiled throughout their lives. They are troubled by poverty. He has a lot of blood, is prone to lust and lust, is disadvantageous to his parents, and is easy to punish elders.




The face of Shao Baitou:




If it is the diseased Shaobaitou, the early luck is blocked, or the life is too hard. Young people with premature gray hair are mostly in poor physical condition, blood deficiency and hair gray first, and be careful of health problems that may cause longevity.




Curly hair and stiff face:




He has a violent and persistent personality, does not hit the south wall or looks back, and has many disasters throughout his life. People with curly hair are violent, and those with naturally curly hair are relatively stubborn, energetic, aggressive, violent, arbitrary, arbitrarily alone, mostly military, nosy, and lustful, poor interpersonal relationships, easy to commit crimes throughout life Injury. But with strong mobility, most of them can live a prosperous life.




The face of thin and soft hair:




Gentle personality, full of humor and wisdom, doing things from beginning to end, but sometimes not strong in principle, easy to follow others. Those with soft hair are rich in sentiment and human touch, know that they are considerate of each other, have delicate thoughts, are affectionate to husband and wife, are well-connected, learn and be creative, and are mostly literati and artists. Most have a stable destiny and ample family business. But timid and changeable, easily negative, and the body is not strong enough.