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The top global supplier of customized leather

    pvc artificial leather

    High quality Milk protein fiber for Leather .Stand mat could absorb the club head shock ; it is durable garment pvc artificial leather fabric

  • Clean leather sofa 6 small coup

    Clean leather sofa 6 small coupMore >

    5 drops of Amway plus half a cup of hot water to reconcile, before cleaning with a brush brush dyeing, until the color brush until the light, and then routine treatment.

  • Round beads handwriting removal methods

    Round beads handwriting removal methodsMore >

    Repeated several times until the dyeing desalination, while paying attention to pollution is rich in the bubble, so that can improve the dyeing, for the general dyeing can be completely eliminated.

  • Dyeing tea stains processing methods

    Dyeing tea stains processing methodsMore >

    fabric severely dyed cowboy blue, you can first wash the soap in the bathroom when the pollution, with a soft brush with water along the cloth gently brushing.