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new style Zarina fabric hot sell glitter leather in China

Product description:

  • Model Number : HB4458
  • Color : Various or customized
  • Material : pu
  • Brand Name : Heart Sun
  • Backing Technics : knitted ,nap cloth,T/C Cloth ,T/C brush cloth,non-woven
  • Pattern : embossed ,printed ,flocked ,glitter etc
  • Use : handbag ,sofa ,shoes,garment ,car seat ,belt ,etc
  • MOQ : Every color of one design 500 meters
  • Feature : Abrasion-Resistant Anti-Mildew Elastic
  • Width : 52-54 inch
  • Thickness : 0.6-1.2mm or customized
  • Place of Origin : 40 meters per roll or according to your requirement

PU leather

PU leather is the skin of polyurethane component. Widely applied to make luggage, clothing, shoes, vehicles and furniture decoration, it has received increased recognition of the market a wide range of applications, the number of large, variety, is the traditional natural leather can not be met. PU leather quality is also good and bad, good PU leather even more expensive than the price of leather.

Production Advantages

With the fleece for the bottom base, the solution is a coating made of polyurethane. Impregnating solution from the felt with a polyurethane coating and a water bath after solidifying the resulting microporous layer after grinding Serve polyurethane suede. The leather texture, light, soft, wearable, warm, feel not affected by temperature change, and suitable for the production of clothing, more advanced packages, bags and decorative items.

The production process

including fabric processing, plastic material preparation, coating, laminating, gelled, surface treatment, embossing, cooling, coiling processes. The main production methods are four kinds.

Direct coating

The rubber coated with a spatula directly on the pretreated fabric, then gelled into a plasticized and plasticized box, and then embossing, cooling and other processes, that is finished. This method can produce all kinds of ordinary leather cloth, leather and foam leather foil.

Transfer coating

Also known as indirect coating method. The paste used in reverse roll coating or blade carrier (release paper or stainless steel tape) and, after gelling and then in Burkina without tension compounded by gelling material layer, and then plasticized, cooled and peeled off from the carrier, and then post-processing, derived products. This method is suitable for the production of knitted fabric or non-woven fabric-based foam leather and ordinary leather.

Calender bonding

According to recipe requirements, the resin, plasticizers and other compounding agents metering, mixing into a kneader, and then the mixer and open mill or an extruder after mixing plastic, to the three-roll or four-roll calender (see plastics machinery film thickness and width rolled into the desired, and with pre-heating of the fabric fit, then by embossing, cooling derived products. this method can produce a variety of different leather cloth.

Extrusion laminating

The resins, plasticizers and other ingredients mixed in a kneader, after refining plastic, extruded from the extruder certain thickness and width of the film, and then on a three-roll setting machine and preheated fabric bonded then preheated, foil, embossing, cooling derived products. This method is used to manufacture thick products, such as floor coverings, conveyor belts and the like.

Product detail

Backing fabric: TC Fabric

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:40 meters per roll or according to your requirement

Delivery Detail:Shipped in 15 days after payment






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