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The top global supplier of customized leather

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    Hot sale bags handbag cloth bag leather suppliers online,our PU leather is good in quality and competitive in price.We would manufacture PU leather following your specific requirement.

  • soup stains treatment

    soup stains treatmentMore >

    Pure white fabric can be used dilute bleach (1:10 diluted) directly with a toothbrush brush stains, you can remove.

  • the artificial leather stains cleaning method

    the artificial leather stains cleaning methodMore >

    Greasy treatment: the product can be washed with detergent in the direct wash grease, if not black, red and other dark color fabric available detergent powder light brush. 

  • Can not touch some organic solvents

    Can not touch some organic solventsMore >

    Pu artificial leather jacket need to hang bagging collection, can not be folded