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Is it reliable to grow hairline? What is it like to grow hair?


How does planting hair work?  For people with hair loss, planting hair can play a better treatment, and it is also a method recognized in the industry to treat hair loss. Can planting hairline be permanent? Many people move their hairline too far back, and want to improve their hair by planting their hair. Let's learn about it together.

Hair planting


Hair planting can be used to adjust the hairline for those with too high forehead hairline. First, remove the scalp containing hair follicles from the back of the head, then place it under a microscope with a magnification of ten times to separate the hair follicle units one by one. Transplanted into the scalp between the ideal hairline and the actual hairline. About 3-5 months after the hair is planted, new hair will grow out. About 6 months after the operation, the length of the new hair is about 4-5 cm, which can improve the problem of excessive hairline.


Plastic surgeons said that hair implant surgery is just a minimally invasive surgical operation. After the operation, normal life and work will not be affected, and no special care is required. The head can be washed with warm water on the 5th day after the operation, and normal shampoo can be used on the 7th day.


Similar to hair planting, the new hair that grows after the restoration of the hairline planting maintains all the biological characteristics of the original hair (that is, the hair that is not shed from the living cell extraction site of the hair follicle), and will not fall off or die again. New hair can be blown, permed and dyed normally. Therefore, hairline planting can be permanent.

How is the hairline grown?


Before hairline transplant surgery, the hairline is generally designed according to the principle of three courts and five eyes. Normal people’s hairline is not straight, so doctors use a marker to draw a curve. Usually, boys’ hairline is square, tall, and Wider ones are better, which means that you have a solid business and a clear mind, and you are more likely to succeed in your career. Generally speaking, girls' hairlines are rounded, because girls with rounded hairlines have a gentler personality. During the operation, under local anesthesia, a thin piece of skin containing hair follicles was taken from the back occiput, and the wound was sutured. The wound was small and healed quickly. In the future, only a thin line will not appear easily under the cover of the hair. Redistribute the hair, the total amount of hair will not change. "" "Recommended reading: How much does the hairline grow?


The hair cut during the hairline planting process will be sent to the follicle separation room, under the microscope, separated into hair units containing 1-4 hair follicles, the separation time depends on the number of hair follicles extracted, generally 1-2 hours. After the hair follicles are released, the patient will receive local anesthesia and perform hairline transplantation. The hair density on the front part of the head is sparser than the back end, and the hair texture is softer. Therefore, the softer hair follicles will be "planted" in the front. You will feel pain, and you can also take a stabilizer for the patient to sleep.

Is the effect of hairline planting natural?


Compared with other hair transplantation projects, hairline adjustment surgery does not require a lot of hair follicles. Therefore, it is most suitable to use "FUE autologous hair follicle transplantation" to perform the operation. "FUE autologous hair follicle transplantation technology" has no pain, non-invasive, The four advantages of no traces and no blood scabs are deeply loved by hair transplanters. Since hairline adjustment does not require a huge number of follicular units, the operation time is relatively short. The repaired hairline is natural and beautiful , There is no trace of artificial compensation. So the effect of hair transplant is quite natural.Aarticle by