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2020 female middle long hair fashion hairstyle


I don't like short hair. Long hair that is too long is cumbersome, so let's take a look at the following 2020 fashionable women's mid-length hairstyles.

01. Spiral Perm Medium Long Hairstyle

In 2020, the styles of medium and long curly hair popular among girls tend to be diversified. However, as a classic spiral perm in the hairstyling industry, I feel that its style will not be obscured by the trend. Very high, very durable and versatile curls make long hair look lighter and less heavy.

02. Layered broken mid-length hairstyle

For girls who are afraid of damaging their hair quality, I immediately arranged this simple layered medium and long hairstyle for everyone. In modern times, some girls choose the layered medium and long hairstyle to pursue the beauty of simple hairstyles. The hierarchical design can enhance the feeling of air to a certain extent, making the overall monotonous hairstyle look more agile.

03. Air cushion perm long hair

Air cushion perm hairstyle is definitely one of the fashionable hairstyles for women’s mid-length hair in 2020. Fashionable air perm hairstyles can not only increase the overall volume, but also give the hair a fluffy texture, making the hairstyle no longer rigid. The face shape highlights a gentle and sweet temperament.

04. Natural long straight wholesale full lace wig.


No matter how the style of the hairstyle changes, this natural medium-length straight hairstyle can also become one of the fashionable hairstyles in 2020. The straight hair lines can be soft and fresh. Although they appear monotonous, they can highlight a freshness. Temperament is the favorite hairstyle for modern girls to repair their faces and show their beauty.

05. Styling perm long curly hairstyle


The long curly hairstyle is a naturally more fashionable hairstyle in 2020. The curl of the curled hair has a strong sense of air, and because its curl lines are not obvious, its style does not pick the face shape at all. So you don't need to be afraid that the effect will be too bad.


06.Xin Zhilei Medium Long cambodian Hairstyle.


Xin Zhilei’s heat has passed for a long time, but this kind of hair style that is not too exaggerated can still become the most fashionable and beautiful hairstyle in 2020. Vaguely, it has a distinctive fluffy feeling. The trimmed hair can make the whole The hairstyle looks thinner and thinner, and it can be more temperamental besides being thinner.​​​​