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Leather for car seat

1.Dry P U car interior leather

Dry P U synthetic leather is processed on the surface of the fabric coated with resin P U, fabric currently used mainly encryption stretch knit fabric, in the process by drying the slurry heated segments of solvent evaporation, P U resin is cured, closely integrated with the fabric layer to form a dense layer. In order to improve the adhesive strength of the resin and the fabric, the adhesive may be a two-component resin; and in the process, may also be added surface active agent or pre-expanded by a method, the surface of the fabric forming the microporous polymer layer, which have a wet process with similar breathable microporous. Although dry synthetic leather hides P U feel fullness, poor elasticity back, but it was better in abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, water resistance, weather resistance, while the production process V O C content is low, basic odorless, and lower prices, soft, thin, strong sense of leather surface, and therefore has been widely used in the car by hand and cushions.

2.Wet PU car interior leather

Wet polyurethane synthetic leather production process is mainly polyurethane resin by dipping or coating on a substrate, followed by washing the resin adhered to the fabric on the condensed solidified into semi-finished products, combined with release paper veneer, grinding, embossing and other post-treatment process into different types, different styles of products, is an excellent substitute for natural leather. The general characteristics are: low-temperature resistance of synthetic leather and breathable, moisture permeability is good, feel full, good elasticity, strong overall sense of leather. However, hydrolysis resistance, scratch resistance somewhat less, the cost is relatively high dry P U leather.

3.PU microfiber leather car interiors

With the development of ultra-fine fiber technology, there are many domestic manufacturers to produce microfiber PU synthetic leather, it is the use of natural leather collagen fiber bundle structure similar performance microfiber, made a three-dimensional network structure high-density non-woven fabrics, excellent performance and has the refill process PU resin open pore structure of the treatment from. P U This synthetic leather and natural leather are very similar in appearance, mechanical strength, flexibility, chemical resistance, stability and the like, and the hand is very thin.

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